Name: nathan swift

Career Statistics (2005 - 2011)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2011 Races
392011 Ontario Airport Criterium 11th Annual #4 (Paul Vaccari, Kretzschmr Steel Racing, won)Southern California Velo2011-06-12Men - Cat 3CritLink
562011 GEC/District Road Race Championships (Tyler Williams, All Sport-Team Swift, won)Southern California Velo2011-06-05Men - Cat 3RoadLink
672011 Dare to Race GP 13th Annual #1 (Ryan Schneider, Team Simple Green/Bike Religion, won)Southern California Velo2011-02-27Men - Cat 3CritLink
2010 Races
442010 Ontario Airport Criterium (Lee Muse, IPA Sports, won)Southern California Velo2010-06-19Category 3CriteriumLink
572010 Dana Point Grand Prix (Cory Williams, Major Motion Cycling Club, won)Southern California Velo2010-04-11Men - 3CritLink
572010 Dana Point Grand Prix (Cory Williams, Major Motion Cycling Club, won)Southern California Velo2010-04-11Category 3CriteriumLink
332010 Redlands Criterium (Jamie Lanza, Pull Thru Racing, won)Southern California Velo2010-03-29Category 3CriteriumLink
322010 Redlands Bicycle Classic-Criterium (Jamie Lanza, Team Possabilities, won)SC Velo2010-03-28Men - 3CritLink
672010 Dare to Race GP Series (Craig Turner, , won)2010-02-28Men - Pro Cat 1/2/3critLink
432010 Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium (Colt Peterson, Bike Religion, won)Southern California Velo2010-02-14Category 3CriteriumLink
2009 Races
352009 Ontario GP (Sam Simmons, Southern California Velo, won)Southern California Velo2009-07-19Category 3CriteriumLink
262009 Ontario Airport Criterium (Phillip Husband, Nytro Racing, won)Southern California Velo2009-06-13Category 3CriteriumLink
DNF2009 Downtown Long Beach Criterium (jordan haggard, Friends Cycling, won)Southern California Velo2009-04-04Men - Cat 3CritLink
412009 Redlands Criterium (Evan Trubee, Team Possabilities, won)Southern California Velo2009-03-29Category 3CriteriumLink
412009 Redlands Bicycle Classic-Criterium (Evan Trubee, CRCA/Big Wheel Tours, won)SC Velo2009-03-26Men - Cat 3CritLink
762009 Valley of the Sun Stage Race (Tim Allen, Team Waste Management, won)SC Velo2009-02-14Men - 03RoadLink
752009 Valley of the Sun Stage Race (Greg Krause, , won)SC Velo2009-02-13Men - 03IndiLink
2008 Races
402008 Paramount Crit (Joshua Courtney, Southern California Velo, won)Southern California Velo2008-07-06Category 3CriteriumLink
582008 Redlands Criterium (Ryan Cleveland, Southern California Velo, won)Southern California Velo2008-04-06Category 3CriteriumLink
532008 Ontario 2 (Kit Karzen, NOW-MS Society, won)Southern California Velo2008-03-23Category 3CriteriumLink
2007 Races
262007 Sisquoc RR (Brian McCulloch, Vegas Velo Racing Team Inc, won)Southern California Velo2007-08-04Category 3RoadLink
412007 San Luis Rey RR (James Gunn-Wilkinson, Karl Strauss/SDBC, won)Southern California Velo2007-05-06Category 3RoadLink
322007 Redlands Criterium (Jose Blanco, Major Motion Cycling Club, won)Southern California Velo2007-03-25Other+Non-SoCal Cup Cat 3CriteriumLink
812007 San Dimas Stage Race Stage 1 (Paul Mach, Davis Bike Club, won)Southern California Velo2007-03-16Other+Non-SoCal Category 3Time TrialLink
322007 Tour de Murrieta Stage 1 (Jorge Palafox, Kahala La Grange, won)Southern California Velo2007-03-10Category 3OmniumLink
202007 Dare to Race Ontario 1 (Aaron Stinner, Echelon Santa Barbara, won)Southern California Velo2007-02-25Category 3CriteriumLink
2006 Races
62006 Ontario Airport Criterium (Spencer Spagnola, San Diego Bicycle Club, won)Southern California Velo2006-06-04Category 3CriteriumLink
542006 Redlands Criterium (Joseph Wiley, Southern California Velo, won)Southern California Velo2006-03-26Category 3CriteriumLink
332006 San Dimas Stage Race CT (Rich Bartlett, Block, won)Southern California Velo2006-03-19Category 3CriteriumLink
562006 San Dimas Stage Race RR (Edgar Parra, Kahala LaGrange, won)Southern California Velo2006-03-18Category 3RoadLink
682006 San Dimas Stage Race TT (Sam Starr, Unattached, won)Southern California Velo2006-03-18Category 3Time TrialLink
242006 Tour de Murrieta RR (Edgar Parra, Kahala LaGrange, won)Southern California Velo2006-03-12Category 3RoadLink
2005 Races
202005 Ontario Criterium 5 (Benjamin Bradshaw, ie Bikes Racing, won)Southern California Velo2005-08-28Category 3CriteriumLink
22005 Ontario Airport Criterium (Austin Kirkland, Major Motion, won)Southern California Velo2005-06-05Category 4CriteriumLink
102005 SCNCA State TT Championships (Louie Gutierrez, Paramount Racing, won)Southern California Velo2005-05-28Category 4Time TrialLink
112005 Ontario Criterium 3 (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Veloworx Racing, won)Southern California Velo2005-05-15Category 4CriteriumLink
62005 Redlands Criterium (Chris Stevens, Southern California Velo, won)Southern California Velo2005-04-03Category 4CriteriumLink

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